flash map for Perth Central Western Australia

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flash map for Perth Central Western Australia

Postby ala » 2011-09-12 04:08:17

I want to buy the package but I cant get the free sample to work AT ALL

I want a map of PERTH Western Australia that I can build on.

Please at least let me see a PDF of central Perth or do I give up?
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Re: flash map for Perth Central Western Australia

Postby estella » 2011-09-14 06:38:24

Thank you for your enquiry.

Are you using iMapBuilder for Window? If so, there is fully functional free trial version for our users to download, you may download the trial version here:


Yet, iMapBuilder for Window provides 1-2 Australia maps only. They are:

http://www.imapbuilder.com/map-template ... ralia-map/

http://www.imapbuilder.com/map-template ... aland-map/

If you would like to create a map of PERTH Western Australia, you may try GMap Editor which allows you to place markers, info pop up boxes and lines etc on Google Map. Please sign up a free trial account to test if it suits your needs first:


You may refer to the user guide for further information:

http://www.imapbuilder.com/gmap-builder ... ser-guide/

Hope this help.
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