Non-flash version of interactive world map

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Non-flash version of interactive world map

Postby adrian » 2011-07-23 03:51:44

I'm trying to find an interactive world map, where you can click on a continent or region, then highlight / select a country, then state, finally narrow down to a specific page for stores and services in that area, similar to one of your combo world map at:

I wonder if you also provide a non-flash version of this interactive world map? I know the flash version should be okay for most of my visitors using PC / Mac. However a non-flash version might load faster and work better for mobile devices, so I like to know what other solution you might have, maybe a Javavsript or HTML5 image map version?

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Re: Non-flash version of interactive world map

Postby chfung » 2011-07-25 04:58:40

Usually we would do with Google Maps if you need the map to support both PCs and mobile devices. It can be setup by directly pinpointing the store locations so that a simple zoom in can see the details:

or the states can be overlayed on the map for an extra level of selection:

You may also try our Google Map Builder on iMapBuilder Online to see if that works for you. Please feel free to create a trial account and see the map on your mobile devices.

You can also use our HTML5 mapping software from now on too.
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