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Custom Tool Tip

Postby trinnons » 2013-10-10 01:30:41

I'm new to iMapBuilder, but I'm really impressed with it!

If some kind soul could give me a little guidance on customizing tool tips, I'd appreciate it.
Basically I'm looking to build a Texas county heat map that shows the numerical value of the county as well as the county name.

When the tooltip pops up, I'm looking for it to say something like "Aransas 3".
I'm guessing this is handled in the .xml, but I'm just missing it I guess.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Custom Tool Tip

Postby admin » 2013-10-10 03:01:07

You can first enable and create the heat map:

You can then edit the mouseover tooltip content in the editing panel:
1) select the region on the map
2) select "Region Settings" tap in the editing panel
3) edit mouseover text (e.g. Aransas 3) in the panel

Free demo of iMapBuilder for Windows can be downloaded at:

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