Dissatisfied Customer

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Dissatisfied Customer

Postby Gil » 2012-10-28 05:34:05

Your google search results says 'full source included'. I purchased your product and expected to see a .fla file so that I could modify the behavior of the product. For example: I need to make a db request rather than read an XML file, I need to post an ajax request rather than redirect to a new URL, and I have to eventually allow clicking on the oceans.

However, it did not include any .fla, only a .swf and an xml file.

Here was the information I downloaded from. Note is says 'FULL SOURCE CODE OF ORDERED TEMPLATE'. I need the source code badly to make the neccessary modifications, and I have contacted you twice through email without result.
world_countries_xml - http://www.flashimap.com/get_map_fla.php?id=world_countries_xml&code=2b95c917

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Re: Dissatisfied Customer

Postby admin » 2012-10-30 06:05:40

The map you have ordered is an XML map and the template page has shown
clearly that it has SWF and XML files only.

http://www.flashimap.com/clickable-map/ ... TRIES_XML/

If you need the FLA source code of the template concerned, the cost is
$150. Please submit $150 to our online payment page and we can send you
the source code files.


Please note on all the map templates page it was stated clearly, whether a
XML version or FLA version is included with the purchase. If you feel you
have seen different information when you purchase the product, please
provide the page link so we can check again.

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