Fade Out effect in the Flash Map

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Fade Out effect in the Flash Map

Postby ChanY » 2012-12-13 08:29:22

I found that there was a "fade out" setting in the Flash map
What’s the function of it?
Is it similar to the transition effect of the PowerPoint that the map could be faded in and out?

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Re: Fade Out effect in the Flash Map

Postby Nieve » 2012-12-14 01:08:54

The “Fade Out” effect in the Flash Map Online isn’t similar to the one in PowerPoint.
The land color changes gradually when hover leaves a land.
With this option off, the land color changes instantly.
On the other hand, there's transition effect in the iMapBuilder For Windows, which the map can be faded in when the setting is on.

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