Insert a diving map into a html page

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Insert a diving map into a html page

Postby ChanY » 2012-12-28 01:53:17

I'm a diving tour operator, and is trying to create a diving world map for our new website.

I wanna insert the map to our website rather than adding the map's URL
So, all I want is to post the map on our server.
Is it possible that we can get the original files of the map and add it directly in our server, but not a link?


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Re: Insert a diving map into a html page

Postby Nieve » 2012-12-28 09:36:14

All maps created by iMapBuilder Online are stored on our server, and it is not possible to get all the files and put on your server.
If you want to have full controls to the map that you have created, you may switch to use our iMapBuilder for Windows software, and upload the maps to your website.

You can download the software in the following link:

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