Custom version of Flash map with form

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Custom version of Flash map with form

Postby guesso87 » 2011-10-20 07:13:52

Hi i would like to buy a custom version of this map
Can you please tell me what kind of customizations you guys can provide ?
Instead of submit and clear i might want something else, maybe no buttons
at all. Can you give me an estimate of how much it would be with some
customizations ?

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Re: Custom version of Flash map with form

Postby chfung » 2011-12-13 09:33:15

We are interested to know what customizations you need for the map and the form page. Could you give us some examples of the no button design and also send us your form details? We also want to know if you need a map of the States with the form, or you would need to customize other maps.

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Re: Custom version of Flash map with form

Postby zohaa3492 » 2014-10-22 04:56:31

he Combo set is in Adobe Flash format, so you need to add clickable URLs using Adobe Flash. We currently do not have an XML version of the same Combo set templates.

You may also consider using our iMapBuilder Online service to create your maps.

You can add hyperlinks easily and setup multiple projects to open a state map from a country map. You may follow this help page to set things up:

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