USB Library. create web page on our driver

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USB Library. create web page on our driver

Postby Jayc » 2011-11-10 07:18:15

Hi, I am very interested in buying your full blown version but before I do I need to know something. We want to create a USB Drive Library that we could give to our customers. A flash navigation interface would be nice to have so this is why we are interested in your product. it is my understanding that we could create a internal web page on our drive. Will you product do or is it strikly to create web pages that are to be placed on the internet? Do you have such templates available?

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Re: USB Library. create web page on our driver

Postby admin » 2011-11-11 02:36:20

We suggest you use our advance version A4DeskPro(more pages & features). Please visit our A4DeskPro website:

The A4DeskPro website itself can be stored on USB.

However, the website may not work properly due to Flash Player security if there is resources/ links accessing internet.

Please feel free to download the feel trial version (fully functional with demo button only) to test how it works first:

User guide here:

Hope this helps.

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