MYSQL data driven map

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MYSQL data driven map

Postby guesso87 » 2012-10-26 08:34:07

i want to a) change color of place marker b) display data on label
dynamically from MYSQL..
Please let me know if it is possible through iMapBuilder and also give me
step by stem procedure to implement it. I have mysql installed on my laptop
and wanted to test before placing order.

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Re: MYSQL data driven map

Postby admin » 2012-10-30 06:07:23

We can create a custom map connecting to your database to change marker color and display data on the labels. Please kindly provide a sample of your data to see how these can be changed on the map.

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Re: MYSQL data driven map

Postby staiaccapi » 2012-12-01 08:18:33

I have the same problem, but i have license for windows imapbuilder 6.92.
i have create my personal interactive map and i'd like import display data on label
dynamically from MYSQL db.
Here my example:
when i click on the airplane icon appeare a popup with some informations.
I'd like to get those information from my database!!!
Can you help me?

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Re: MYSQL data driven map

Postby chfung » 2012-12-03 05:54:25

We would suggest doing with custom maps if you need any parts of the map to be connected to a database. Please feel free to provide more details and we can check if it is feasible. You may also PM us the details if you do not want to disclose publicly.

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Re: MYSQL data driven map

Postby Arslan01 » 2014-10-23 10:54:44

This is possible if we do the map as a custom map. We want to know if every
event will come with a date and a location, so that the map can return the
locations for a number of days/specific date in the future. If there are
multiple events at the same location, will these events cluster together so
that it appears a number on the pins to denote the number of events under
the same venue?

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