imb 4 win lines mouse click event

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imb 4 win lines mouse click event

Postby mikeymike111111 » 2013-02-06 18:19:18

can the latest version include a mouse click event on lines?

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Re: imb 4 win lines mouse click event

Postby admin » 2013-02-07 06:31:45

There's mouse click event on lines in the current version that you can insert URL into the lines

Furthermore, if you wanna add mouse click event(info box) on lines, you can try iMapBuilder Online-Flash Map, which is a cloud based software and has similar tools and features as iMapBuilder for Window. By using the online version, mouse click event can be added online. You can see the details here:

You can sign up a free account for the iMapBuilder Online here:

After login, select Flash Map in the Start Wizard.

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