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Edit Multiple Items

Postby zapways » 2013-08-22 18:53:24

Please make it possible to select multiple items (e.g.: a group of curved lines for routes OR a group of markers for specific locations) and edit their attributes simultaneously... Currently the only way to edit overlays is to select each one and customize it individually. This is a huge waste of time since not every line I create needs to be the default 2px black solid line... I would like to be able to create custom styles (i.e.: dashed 1px orange line) and apply that style to other overlay curves.

-perhaps a "set as default" option would suffice for now...

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Re: Edit Multiple Items

Postby Nieve » 2013-08-23 06:38:40

Thanks again for the suggestion. There will be improvement in the later versions, and you can get the latest version using Online Order Tracking within support period

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