IE11 zoom out button not working

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IE11 zoom out button not working

Postby bcarina » 2014-11-06 17:50:44

I've deployed my map on our website and tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and versions of Internet Explorer. I'm having two issues with the map using IE 11.
1. Zoom out button doesn't work. The mouse scroll in and out works and the zoom in button works but not the zoom out button. This only occurs in IE 11
2. Checkbox on the Multiple Selection Category is not working correctly. If you double click the checkbox the polygons disappear and will not come back even when checked. The Polygons are tied to the category. This also only occurs in IE 11

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Re: IE11 zoom out button not working

Postby tommyl » 2014-11-12 03:23:38

Thanks for your enquiry.

1. We will fix it in next version.
2. We should already fix this issue in v9.40. However we notice that the click response in IE is slow for checkbox, if you are talking about the double click quickly for checkbox, we cannot solve it shortly because it's an IE behaviour. You can either switch the category on/off slowly (if you are clicking on the checkbox) or simply double click the item name instead.


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