Legend and print out the google map

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Legend and print out the google map

Postby BauhoPAN » 2011-08-03 04:08:26

Hello, I have been looking for a map system like Google Maps for some time that would provide me with a legend and the ability to print out the maps with markers and corresponding legend. Can you tell me if your program does that? I can't see how as of right now.

I also have an issue with only being able to place 8 markers so please let me know if that can change. We do not have a problem paying for a program if it will do everything we need, so I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Legend and print out the google map

Postby estella » 2011-08-04 03:53:34

If you are interested in Google Maps, you may try our GMap Editor which allows users add pinpoint markers, pop up boxes, draw lines etc base on Google Map. You may sign up a trial account to test if it suits your needs:


Yet, our GMap Editor does not support legend function. So as workaround, you may capture the Google Map image and import this image to the iMapBuilder, so you can create interactive pinpoint markers, pop up boxes and also legends on the map. You may refer to our user guide for further information about importing image:

http://www.imapbuilder.com/user-guide/I ... wn_Map.php

The trial version is limited to the number of markers, so you may purchase the license and get the paid version, then you can place unlimited markers.

For the printing issue, as our iMapBuilder / GMap Editor is designed for web viewing and casual printing. If you need to print images like poster size, you may need dedicated geographical sources so that the map would appeared like print maps on the market.

To print out the map, you can simply use screen capture function of your computer and save it using any photo editor in the market. Then you can print it out.

(P.S. our iMapBuilder supports 72-96 DPI resolution only for fitting the screen pixel. While for a normal graphical printing quality, it requires at least 300 DPI. So if you want to use it on graphic product, you need to either reduce the output size or increase the image size manually, otherwise the map image will go blur.)

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