Need a Sales Map

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Need a Sales Map

Postby loveTube » 2010-07-06 09:43:18

I need to develop sales territories, market concentrations, and volume concentrations in a map format. I would like to post the address, or the gps coordinates, and define multiple variables (salesman, sales $, industry type...) and have the ability to modify the information or map type at my descretion.

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Re: Need a Sales Map

Postby chfung » 2010-07-09 08:23:40

We can create a map which loads data to sales territories and provide visualization of data. We have some questions regarding the implementation of this map.

1) Which region/country would you need for your map? This page may be a good starting point to the countries concerned:

2) You have mentioned "sales territories". Do you mean to define your own regions to supply with sales data? Could you give us some examples of your sales territories on how they are formed?

3) What would be shown for market and volume concentrations? Are they in a heat-map fashion and how they are determined? You can find a heat map sample here:

and this one which we color the states:

4) What are the address/GPS coordinates? Are they sales points or shops? We incline to use GPS coordinates, as address-based location would need geocoding to convert to its GPS coordinates.

5) What are these multiple variables? Are they fetched from a database?

6) How flexible you would like to modify the map?

Alternatively, you are are looking for an out-of-box solution, you can consider using iMapBuilder Online -- which comes with Custom Google Map Builder which can import Excel data into a custom map and automatically convert addresses into longitude / latitude values by Geocoding, and then plot as markers. Import from CSV data file is also supported.

It is also possible link the custom Google Map with a MYSQL database for continuous map update. Please check this real-time data map showing site visitors which uses data from a MYSQL database.

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