Submitting and Searching for Events on Maps

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Submitting and Searching for Events on Maps

Postby kitlode » 2011-10-20 06:54:51

We are hoping to develop a mapping feature for our website where our
community partners will be able to manually submit their event information
(but we would have an opportunity to review and hit publish). Community
members would be able to search the site for events in their area - also
ideally by date, even if it is just that each date is coded by a different
colored pinpoint on the ma with an appropriate legend.

Do you think your software can do with this?

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Re: Submitting and Searching for Events on Maps

Postby chfung » 2011-12-13 09:31:07

Checked with your case with our developers. We would suggest creating a custom mapping system with membership system to allow your partners to post event information on the map, and include searching functions for map visitors and the partners as well. This cannot be created by using our map software.

The map would be based on Google Maps so your partners can place the details by address. We are interested to know what to be displayed per event, and how they would be categorized. Are they based on the partner name, or they would be divided into different event types? We also want to know if the partners can be automatically signed up, or you would have staff to create the accounts for them to post.

Since the map would show the events for one week's time, we assume that all events after the happening date would be removed automatically, or they would be removed if the partner delete the location on the map. Please confirm if this is the case.

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