Grateful to find your mapping program

If you are making your own map using iMapBuilder and need more features
that is not yet available, please make a suggestion here.
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Grateful to find your mapping program

Postby saml » 2012-01-19 10:19:12

Your iMapBuilder software is rather unique and I'm surprised it is not as well known as it should be.

This is the best mapping software I have used so far, and I have reviewed many of them. In fact it is extraordinary, being able to create a background for a map in a Paint (I used photoshop) program, then apply highlighting, mouse clickover and clickon effects, annotate the map with text, lines, curves, to add placemarks of various basically take a static map image and make it interactive, without having to know Flash or any other programming language.

Our school uses a plain old PDF map, and also has a link to a GIF or JPEG image of that map....but interactivity would be so much better (eg click on the building and it shows a picture of the building, that would prevent many people from getting lost on campus). By creating interactive maps using your program can greatly improve our campus mapping system.

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